Polyapton, Multi-touch

Touch the screen and dine with the ancient Macedonians in the home of dignitary of the royal court.
A Symposium from the Macedonian tomb of Agios Athanasios

Polyapton is a very large interactive screen that can be used by several visitors who wish to explore multifaceted information on a subject at the same time.

Polyapton presents one of the best-preserved ancient Greek paintings. It is a wall painting depicting a symposium, from the Macedonian tomb of Agios Athanasios near Thessaloniki. The tomb is not open to visitors, who have here a rare opportunity to enjoy the painting in its full glory.

The system’s special multi-touch screen recognizes the touch of many fingers or hands, but also specific objects, at the same time. Visitors can ‘scroll’ across the painting and focus on points of interest with multimedia information by touching them, zoom in on details with the use of a paper magnifying lens, while an infrared torch displays a modern rendition of the painting.

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Polyapton, Multi-touch

Polyapton, Multi-touch
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Polyapton, Multi-touch Polyapton, Multi-touch
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Polyapton, Multi-touch
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