Peridexion, the dexterous

The touch screen leads you to finds from Macedonia that tell this myth.
The myth of Melager and the Calydonian Boar

Peridexion is a system that offers museum visitors the possibility of exploring an object and/or a subject in depth.

Peridexion presents a masterpiece of 6th c. BC Athenian black-figured pottery, known as the Crater of Lydos, as well as three exceptional examples of Roman sculpture from the AMTh collection, all of which draw inspiration from the legend of the hunt of a monstrous boar in Calydonia, Aetolia. This myth is not widely known today, as most relevant ancient texts have not survived, but was at times very popular in antiquity, and a source of inspiration for artists for a very long time. The objects included in this presentation span eight centuries.

The system has a touch screen that presents a view of an object at a time. Visitors can select the object or the view they wish to see and then discover points of interest and relative multimedia information, or zoom in on any detail at will. The system is located at the exhibition "At the kingdom of Macedonia", unit: "Myth and worship".

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Peridexion, the dexterous

Peridexion, the dexterous
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Peridexion, the dexterous Peridexion, the dexterous
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Peridexion, the dexterous
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