Welcome Note by the Director of AMTh

Dear visitors,

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, a metropolitan museum of Northern Greece, within the framework of its aim towards constant renovation of its exhibitions and educational activities, and in order to offer an updated and attractive profile to the public is co-operating with the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas and presents its new permanent exhibition "Macedonia: from fragments to pixels".

It is an innovative exhibition of digital applications that offer visitors the opportunity to learn and understand unknown aspects of antiquity, and know more about the history and archaeology of Macedonia in a pleasant and enjoyable way via new technologies and “games” of Ambient Intelligence. Initially, seven (7) application systems are presented, two (2) of which have been incorporated into the Museum’s permanent exhibition on ancient Macedonia and the remaining five (5) located at a specially designed hall of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

A common goal for both co-operating institutions (A.M.Th. and I.C.S.) is to continuously enhance the system with new information on history and archaeology, as well as with new applications developed by the research team of the Computer Science Institute; a constantly renewed exhibition with all available updates in archaeological and technological terms!

In a obviously technology-oriented international community, where humanities lose ever more ground, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki offers familiarity with antiquity in the most complete technological manner, proving that knowledge of Antiquity can be linked with present-day reality, the production of modern culture and scientific advances, can be incorporated into a place’s life and radiate as a didactic narrative space, a landmark of incessant discourse between past and present.

Ambient Intelligence available here in the service of ancient Macedonia aims to create diverse and alternating feelings to the brain neurons of visitors of all ages through modern technologies, in order to make their visit to the Museum a unique experiential process, an unprecedented experience that will turn into an integral link in the chain of life for each visitor.

Thus, the familiar and friendly space of the A.M.Th. becomes completely harmonised with the needs and challenges of our era, aiming to become a point of reference and pursuit for better and more updated information, so that acquaintance with antiquity will become the springboard for further intellectual functions, more human-oriented activities and interests and create an ideal environment for mental bliss.

Dr. Polyxeni Adam-Veleni
Director of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki